Minibus for corporate Events, Coach Hire for Business

Corporate events
Chester Minibus and Coach Hire can transport you to business events and office functions with ease, professionalism and comfort, and at affordable prices.
Due to its classy and select features, Chester must be seen as a place where business meetings, conferences, skill building exercises and also office parties.
The Mill Hotel and Spa is worth considering as it is boasts its original architecture it has had for many years. The building dates back to the year 1830 and then went though some changes in 1987. The extensions to the area include the formation of the south wing and also a walled bridge over the canal. The facilities it can offer includes internet access, spa, leisure facilities and even a hair salon as well. Over night availability is also present as it one hundred and twenty nine bedrooms as well.
The Alton Lodge Hotel is also worth considering and this is a truly striking building. It is family run and is only one and a half mile away from the city centre of Chester. The facilities for conferences include wifi, coffee, broadband, visual equipment, audio equipment and also a full conference pack. Prices range from sixty five pounds per person going up to one hundred pounds.